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Looking for a simpler approach? Try our Payroll Calculators - It's Free!

Achieve better payroll, tax and human resource compliance. Do your Payroll with Employee Leasing! Call .

You can do payroll online in minutes, including 1099 payments. Our easy online payroll data entry is secure, fast and efficient. You get instant paychecks, direct deposit, electronic tax payments & completed forms. You can do paycheck printing on your own printer, directly from our website. Call .

For Employee Leasing = Payroll + Workers Compensation Call

Online Payroll is a payroll solution for clients to manage payroll information easily and pay employees by check or direct deposit in just three clicks. You simply go online, enter hours, preview your payroll and you're done! Employees receive email notification when they've been paid – you receive payroll peace of mind. Do a test run - Try the online sample for a fictitious company.

Online Payroll is accessed through our "Current Customer Login". You only need one user name and password.

Online Payroll Enrollment in these cities and more: Montgomery AL, Juneau AK, Phoenix AZ, Little Rock AR, Sacramento CA, Denver CO, Hartford CT, Dover DE, Tallahassee FL, Atlanta GA, Honolulu HI, Boise ID, Springfield IL, Indianapolis IN, Des Moines IA, Topeka KS, Frankfort KY, Baton Rouge LA, Augusta ME, Annapolis MD, Boston MA, Lansing MI, Saint Paul MN, Jackson MS, Jefferson City MO, Helena MT, Lincoln NE, Carson City NV, Concord NH, Trenton NJ, Santa Fe NM, Albany NY, Raleigh NC, Bismarck ND, Columbus OH, Oklahoma City OK, Salem OR, Harrisburg PA, Providence RI, Columbia SC, Pierre SD, Nashville TN, Austin TX, Salt Lake City UT, Montpelier VT, Richmond VA, Olympia WA, Charleston WV, Madison WI, Cheyenne WY.

Guide to Payroll Terminology: Learn about payroll terminology to help you to better understand Allowances, FUTA, Independent Contractor, SEP, HSA, PEO, Tip Credit, Per-Diem, Overtime, Minimum Wage, Net Pay, and Payroll Accounting, etc., so you can be more informed about the choices you need to make.

We Provide Free Payroll Setup Assistance

We assist you with payroll setup and answer any questions to provide a smooth transition to online payroll. Our payroll professionals are available during business hours — no endless voice prompts in order to receive fast friendly service. Call us today at the number below.

Online Payroll Services - Worker's Compensation
Pay-as-you go solutions based on your payroll.

  • Improve your cash flow by avoiding unexpected billing surprises.
  • Easily budget for premiums with no upfront deposits.
  • Reduce your audit exposure with predictable operating expenses, not fluctuating adjustments.

Login for Online Payroll by email.

Learn more about managing your business | Independent Contractor | Employee Handbook Information | Acronyms for Payroll | Workers Compensation

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