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United States and Canada Payroll Calculators (New) - Free Paycheck Calculators updated for 2017

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Welcome to's free paycheck / payroll calculators. There is no charge to use our paycheck calculators. Simply click on a paycheck calculator below. Then enter your payroll information to estimate your paychecks. Use our payroll calculators as often as you need to. This calculator has been updated to use the new withholding schedules for 2017.

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Free payroll calculators from - to calculate your payroll deductions, retirement, tax tips, termination pay, etc..

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Salary Paycheck CalculatorThe Salary Paycheck Calculator »
To help you calculate your "take home pay", which is wages after withholding and taxes. Salaried employees can enter earnings per pay period.

Hourly Paycheck Calculator The Hourly Paycheck Calculator »
Take home pay is calculated based on up to six different hourly pay rates that you enter along with the pertinent Federal, State and local W-4 information. This hourly paycheck calculator are for those who are paid on an hourly basis.

Gross-Up Payroll CalculatorThe Gross-Up Pay Calculator»

Use this gross pay calculator to gross up wages based on net pay. For example, if an employee receives $600 in take-home pay, this calculator can be used to calculate the gross amount that must be used when calculating payroll taxes. It determines the amount of gross wages before taxes and deductions that are withheld, given a specific take-home pay amount.

Bonus CalculatorThe Bonus Calculator (aggregate method)»
This payroll calculator uses your last paychecks amount to apply the correct payroll withholding rates to special wages payments, such as bonuses. This is state-by state compliant for those states that allow the aggregate method or percent method of bonus calculations.

Bonus Percentage CalculatorThe Bonus Calculator (percentage method)»
This payroll calculator uses supplemental tax rates to calculate payroll witholding on special wage payments such as bonuses. If your state does not have a special rate, you will be forwarded to the aggregate bonus payroll calculator. This is a state-by-state compliant for those states who allow the aggregate method or percent method of bonus payroll calculations.

401K CalculatorThe 401(k) Retirement Calculator »
This advanced payroll calculator helps you plan for the future. Simply fill in your paycheck and 401(k) numbers. You can adjust the rate of return, contribution percentage and current plan balance to determine the value of your money in the future for your retirement. This information is shown in both graphical and table format.

403(b) CalculatorThe 403(b) Retirement Calculator »
Similar to our 401(k) Planner, this calculator is designed for employees who work for non-profit organizations.

Termination Final Pay CalculatorThe Termination - Final Pay Calculator »
To meet the requirements in certain states, this calculator uses the standard input format and functionality to provide a termination net pay. A statement is created for the employee, payment can be made manually and the results transmitted to your payroll office. Useful in states like California, the Final Pay Calculator allows payout amount with current and prior pay period information for employee termination.

Dual Scenario Salary CalculatorThe Dual Scenario Salary Calculator »
Dual Scenario Salary Calculator – Answers questions about how net pay will be altered because of benefit changes (open enrollment), relocation, pay raises, withholding adjustments, etc. This Calculator has two calculators appearing on one screen, making it easy to compare two different scenarios.

Dual Scenario Hourly Payroll CalculatorThe Dual Scenario Hourly Payroll Calculator »
Dual Scenario Hourly Payroll Calculator – Answers questions about how net pay will be altered because of benefit changes (open enrollment), relocation, pay raises, withholding adjustments, etc. This Calculator has two calculators appearing on one screen, making it easy to compare two different scenarios.

Tax Tip CalculatorThe Tax Tip Pay Calculator »
Tip Tax Calculator - Verifies or anticipates what your paycheck will be given your tips. The Tax Tip Calculator is similar to the Hourly Calculator but will allow a tax amount to be added to the gross pay to compute taxes on tips plus regular wages

Stock Option CalculatorThe Stock Option Calculator »
Finds out how much tax will need to be withheld when you cash in your stock options. This calculator conveniently finds your current stock price when you enter a ticker symbol. This calculator allows you to do a real-time stock lookup to determine gain from selling stock and taxes owed.

w4 CalculatorThe W4 Assistant »
This assistant will help you complete a federal Form W-4.

Canadian Payroll Calculator The Canadian Payroll Calculator »
This Canadian Calculator calculate your 2017 take home pay for all Canadian Provinces including Quebec.

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