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Online Payroll Enrollment

Most owners and managers recognize just how valuable their time is and would prefer to devote most of their time to the core business rather then worrying about the burden of paperwork, compliance and other administrative tasks.

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We offer a workers' compensation policy with no up-front costs!

You can expect to save 5-30% over a standard compensation rate. (Savings will vary based on work type and claims history.)

In addition to saving time, Payroll USA provide economy of scale enabling each client company to reduce employment costs and have greater purchasing power. This includes the ability to provide a considerably larger choice of benefits, usually at a much lower price. Better benefit plans will help attract and retain the top quality employees that may otherwise choose to work for a larger company.

Payroll USA also provides critical assistance with employer compliance. By assuming responsibility of staying in compliance with rules and regulations, Payroll USA helps protect your company against liability.

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