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How to Make Check Stubs Online


Use our salary and hourly calculator for free. To print the check stub, all you need to do is select your state, enter the wages and payroll deductions. Et voila - you're done

Choose the salary or hourly calculator and select the tax year and your state from the drop-down menu.

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Type in your pay, tax and deduction information in the appropriate fields. If you would like to show the gross pay year-to-date (YTD) amount on your check stub, enter it in the appropriate box. You also have the option to have an extra amount withheld from federal and state taxes. Additionally, you have the option to deduct for fixed amounts for medical and dental. For your retirement contributions, enter the fixed amount or percentage. You have the option to not have taxes deducted from your voluntary deductions.

Select "Calculate" at the bottom. A new screen will appear with your results: gross pay with frequency, taxes withheld, voluntary deductions and net pay. The calculations are based on the following: tax year, gross pay, gross YTD (if applicable), pay frequency, filing status, tax allowances, additional withholding and deduction percentage.

Go to "File" and click "Print." Your payroll check stub will print out. If you would like to make a new check stub, select "New Calculation."

Try our Payroll Calculators - It's Free!

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