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Colorado State Agencies and Forms

COLORADO MINIMUM WAGE (Effective 1/1/17)

Minimum Wage $9.30

For a complete review of

Minimum Cash Wages (Tipped Employee) $6.28

Maximum Tip Credit $3.02

State Labor Laws:

Termination Pay - If fired pay at once. If employee quits, pay by the next regular payday.

Unemployment Insurance in Colorado:
Taxable Wage Base
$12,500 in 2017
New Employer Rate (% Taxable Wages) (Includes 23.94% bond principal rate)
2.11 in 2017
UI Rate - Min - Max (% Taxable Wages) (Includes 23.94% bond principal rate)
0.77 - 10.10
Period Effective Calendar Year 2017

Additional Surcharges/Fees that may apply

Report quarterly wages and contributions by filing Form UITR-1(a) (Unemployment Insurance Report of Worker Wages) and Form UITR-1 (Unemployment Insurance Tax Report) by last day of month following end of quarter or file online by

New non-construction employers use 1.7% Base Rate plus 0.43% Bond Principal Rate for a Combined Rate of 2.13% for 2015
General construction employers use 5.06% Base Rate plus 1.28% Bond Principal Rate for a Combined Rate of 6.34% for 2015%.
Heavy construction employers use 7.72% Base Rate plus 1.95% Bond Principal Rate for a Combined Rate of 9.67% for 2015%.
Trades Employers use 5.06% Base Rate plus 1.28% Bond Principal Rate for a Combined Rate of 6.34% for 2015

Colorado Income Tax Withholding

  • Register as an employer by filing Form DE 1 or by .
  • Employee Withholding Allowance Certificate
  • Withholding Method = Formula
  • Supplemental = Withhold at 4.63%
  • Colorado resident employees who works in another state, the District of Columbia or a territory or possession of the United States can be excused from Colorado withholding.

    State Disability Insurance (SDI):


    New Hire Reporting:

    Colorado State Directory of New Hires
    PO BOX 2920
    Denver, CO 80201-2920
    To report online

    Remit Withholding for Child Support to:

    The Family Support Registry
    P.O. Box 2171
    Denver, Colorado 80201-2171

    Local Tax

    Aurora - opt 2 or 3 $2 per month per employee earning > $250 per month (employee), $2 per month per employee (employer) City of Aurora Tax and Licensing Division P.O. Box 33001 Aurora, CO 80041-3001

    Denver - $5.75 per month per employee earning > $500 per month (employee), $4 per month per employee (employer) City and County of Denver Department of Finance, Treasury Division PO Box 660859 Dallas, TX 75266-0859 Fax:

    Glendale - $5 per month per employee earning > $750 per month(employee), $5 per month per employee (employer) City of Glendale Sales Tax Department 950 S. Birch Street Glendale, CO 80246 Fax:

    Greenwood Village - $2 per month per employee earning > $250 per month(employee), $2 per month per employee (employer) City of Greenwood Village PO Box 4837 Greenwood Village, CO 80155-4837 Fax:

    Sheridan - $3 per month per employee earning > $500 per month(employee), $3 per month per employee (employer) Finance Department 4101 S. Federal Blvd. Sheridan, CO 80110-5399

    The information on this web page is furnished with the understanding that the publisher is not engaged in rendering legal or accounting advice. If legal or expert services are required, contact your attorney or accounting professional.

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